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alex and mark dice

Black people in the United States are more likely to be victims of violent confrontations with police officers than whites because they commit more violent crimes than whites per capita.

Thanks Alex Jones, for rationalizing violations of human and constitutional rights.

Mark’s retort (Not Youtube’s Mark Dice)

I would like to start my response by stating the fact that I
was a huge fan of Alex Jim Jones, when I thought his goal was to fight the
corrupt government and establish a system of justice. Unfortunately, I soon found out that he is
intellectually dishonest. He seems to
be caught in a state of nostalgic euphoria when he revisits the past of this
country. He is careful to avoid seeming
overtly racist, but he reeks of it. He
is also a coward in real life, I especially enjoy when he gets into his
fictional anecdotes of being accosted by a dozen black men and how he takes
them all on – ALEX SMASH. I met plenty
of big mouth dudes like him in the military.
His type likes to provoke people to get a rise out of them, then he
would go snitch and play the victim.
People have lost jobs, and destroyed viable relationship to support Alex’s
fear tactics that are mostly cold reading techniques. He is a conspiracy mentalist.

Now let’s get into your retort. You claim that blacks are the problem in
every first world nation they occupy, but you keep sidestepping the catalyst,
the system of white supremacy. Have you
ever heard the quote “the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince
the world he didn’t exist.” Many whites
claim there no such thing as white privilege yet blacks are make up more of the
prison population while we make up 13 percent of the population. Is this because blacks have some kind of
criminal gene? Nope, it’s because whites
get more chances to mess up without having a criminal record that will
disenfranchise them from being a productive member of society. A white coworker of mine recalled a story in
which a white friend of his walked out of a store with a shopping cart full of
items without paying. His friend drove
home and later had a visit from the police.
The perpetrator, of course, pretended that he forgot, “why officer, I
was so preoccupied that I forgot to pay.”
The officer believed him and escorted him back to the store. He paid and was allowed to leave without a
single arrest being made, no harm no foul.
Criming while white.

I constantly hear white people recalling all the breaks they
receive because they knew the officer or a relative pulled some strings to give
them a second chance. White privilege is
a real thing. The media, also, always
seem to rationalize when a white person goes on a shooting rampage and always
seem to bring the perp back without a scratch.
Then the look for mitigating circumstances such as psychological problems
or trouble at home to humanize him.
Meanwhile, when a black person is murdered in cold blood, his criminal
record or other aggravating and unnecessary information is revealed to protect
the thug police etc.

Nevertheless, crime is a product of lack of opportunities
and poverty. It is not an intrinsic quality.
Before there was black on black crime, there was white on white. Surely, you remember the likes of Al Capone,
John Gotti to name a few. They were
participating in violent crimes. They
terrorized their own neighborhoods and exploited hard working people through
extortion. Whites were in a state of
ethnic genocide. Once upon a time, Italians
were made fun of for their dark complexion and demonized as criminal prone too. The Irish could not even get jobs back in the
day; they were systematically shut out of the job market for being Irish. Guess what they ended up doing to make a
living, you guessed it crime. Google
Irish mobs.

Whiteness was an artificial constructed to offset the black
population. The different ethnicities of
whites settled their differences to go against a common enemy, blacks. They even formed unions that shut out skilled
black laborers. When the government was
given FHA loans, only whites were allowed to get it and blacks were red lined. Whites were allowed to build wealth and pass
down tangible wealth because the government picked sides.

When blacks decided to do their own thing and mess with each
other only, whites would often find ways to sabotage. Look up the bombing of Tulsa Oklahoma, the
government bombed a prosperous city because blacks were doing well. Every time blacks, tried to adapt, they had
new obstacles in their way. Alex Jones
is a Joke; he talks all that conspiracy stuff but will not get into the
deliberate and blatant attack on people of color for fear of the backlash that
will happen if he exposed the system of white supremacy. Nevertheless, why would he want to, when he
benefits from the blatant inequalities. Smh

As for
IQ: It’s relative. There are many forms of intelligence:










So don’t go there. If I dropped you off in the amazons of south
America, you wouldn’t know the first thing to do in a place where all the land
marks are trees, you would have a low IQ relative to the forest natives.

As for the schools being dumb down,
that was not because of blacks, it is because you idiots sit back and watch
your fellow human be treated inhumanely and the elites turn around and screw
you over too. They ship out the jobs to
other countries and snatch your pensions.
They will leave you just enough to think you are better and smarter but
one day you are going to wake up with nothing as the elites are laughing all
the way to the banks. Then you will be
rioting like your tea party members when they attacked British ships through
tea in the ocean.

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  1. Black knight

     /  December 24, 2015

    You are beating a dead horse. Every one with a brain knows that racism exits. People who don’t have their heads up their butts. The real problem is what do we do about it. Complaining or blogging about it will not settle the matter. Black people need to gather together and speak with their votes and money. Both political parties are corrupt and will do nothing to change the situation so the solution is in our hands. Stop supporting the corrupt so called black leaders and institutions that turn a blind eye to racism, clean up our neighborhoods of the thugs that live there, make black men take responsible for raising their children and supporting them with love and money. Teach our women the consequences of out of wed babies, stop glorifying violence in our songs and art. We can not expect respect if we don’t respect ourselves. We need to stop making excuses for our own down fall and stop blaming whites for everything wrong in our lives.

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