I Am Not Outraged: Raven Symone

I am not outraged by Raven Symone’s words; she has made it clear for a long time that when negative things happen towards the Black community, she will excuse it. Some part of me believes Raven is just trying to be different for the sake of being different. To act as if she is some how unique among Black people, because she doesn’t identify herself as African-American, she too discriminates against “Ghetto” names, and so forth. I can’t respect a person who seemingly seek approval by being against her own community at every turn.

Her asinine commentary this time around had a positive effect ironically. I notice some Black people criticizing her by saying, “how can she judge when when she look like a hoodrat herself? A red Mohawk is now consider ghetto, because someone of African descent wears it. It made me realize we too see things that traditionally come from other cultures being worn by Black people becomes a downgrade, while Black style/culture/names becomes an upgrade for other groups of people. Think about it; names like Tyrone are considered ghettoized, because a lot of Black males have that name. The name ancestral wise is Irish, since the name is dawned by so many Black men; it has become associated with the throw away pile within an employment office.

How can we move forward, when we can’t even criticize Raven Symone absent of degrading ourselves in the process? I don’t use the word hood-rat as if women who are Black from a low income upbringing are hood-rats. As if a Black woman with a Mohawk, and large earrings are nothing but a rat on the street. Once someone decides to equate a person or group to a rat, cockroach or any creature that is consider vile; you are dehumanizing them. Period.

(Back to Raven comments) Lastly the so called ghetto names people associate with Black people are exaggerated. Watermelandrea is an almost non-existent name, where there is no data on. Not even 0.1% of Black Americans even have a name like that, so why do we allow this disinformation to spread about ourselves? Most names for Black Americans are Deon (English origin), Keisha (Greek origin name),  Derrick (Celtic), Jamie, James, Jaden, Aisha (Arabic), Aja (Indian), etc. We have nothing to be ashamed of and not everyone wants their kid to be named John, Joe or Sarah. Barrack Obama is an African name and some people may consider the name to be unappealing, but who cares? The name of a person is not even close to a defining factor on what a person has to offer in life.

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  1. These were exactly my words. I’m not shocked by what she said because she continuously disrespect the black community. She disgusts me as a black woman; and to be honest I’m satisfied with her not wanting to be apart of the oh so beautiful, graceful, amazing, always slaying black race.

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    • Latti Nerd Gangsta

       /  October 14, 2015

      🙂 I agree Solar, no point of trying to welcome someone in that doesn’t want your welcoming.

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  2. Yes, I agree 100%. No reason to be upset. She say ignorant and cooning things about her own race. I’m glad she disowns herself as being Black. She honestly sickens me.

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  3. I agree with what you’re saying. I’ve covered Raven on my blog. I have given up on this red-headed rooster. She’s made it clear she doesn’t want to fight against white supremacy. She has to be one of the most ignorant self-hating lesbians I’ve ever seen. I’m through with her and all these sellouts in Hollyweird.

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