Why Interrupting Bernie Sanders Accomplishes Nothing

Do I personally care that Bernie Sanders was run offstage? No.

Do I care that Bernie Sanders participated in the Civil Rights Movement? No.

Do I have anything against the women personally who interrupted the event. No.

So don’t take this editorial as a defense of Sanders or an attack on the women involved. Sander’s to me is the liberal version of Ron Paul with this hyper populist message and the blind support he’s been garnering. He’s the populist, underdog candidate that will more than likely be beaten out by the “mainstream” candidate (Hillary Clinton).

However, him being run offstage recently by protesters (whether or not they’re affiliated with Black Lives Matter is up in the air), discussing race issues is a bad move. It makes the movement, certain people, and organizations look bad.

I get called immature fairly often, yet people running someone offstage, not letting them speak gets applause and article after article defending their actions. That’s what kills me, the people who are trying to excuse this. You lose your credibility and your professionalism as movement/organization is hurt. You become soundbytes and out-of-context headlines when you pull publicity stunts like this. Not to mention how it hurts your organization and causes. It makes people who otherwise would join think you’re too extreme, stupid, whatever.

Again, I’m not entirely sure if these women are apart of the movement, I mean anyone can buy a shirt and say they’re in the organization (which is one of my criticisms). Some have distanced themselves from the two women, others have shown support, which makes me think, like a twitter user said, that there may be infighting in the BLM movement. Which is horrible. It means it’s possibly been infiltrated already.

[Insert sexist joke here].

Anyway, back to the issue. Imagine Dr. King or even Malcolm “taking over a stage”. Malcolm did several interviews with people he probably hated. But he always showed them respect. Yes, even Pre-Mecca-white-people-are-blue-eyed-devils-so-fuck-whitey Malcolm was respectful and courteous as fuck.

Malcolm, before he came to the conclusion that all white people weren’t devils, respectfully and calmly had conversations with three people he immensely disagreed with.

“But he was saying mean things.”

His tone, allowing them to speak, being patient, etc. All signs of respect. You can still get some jabs in, but in a way that doesn’t deny that person of their humanity and right to civil conversation/expression of ideas.

Besides, it’s curious they’re beating up on Bernie. Where were these people when they said Darren Wilson wouldn’t be indicted? Where were these people when they were holding rallies for Wilson?

Let me know when they snatch the mic from her.

Pull this on those actively perpetrating systemic racism.

“No, they’re making him speak on it and do stuff now because they put his feet to the fire.” – Typical Black Protester

I’m assuming his recent plan to combat racial inequality, right? Hilarious. He’s making this move so you can shut the hell up. Your voice has no value. Your money does. If black people don’t throw into the basket to help fund his campaign, expect this to be abandoned by day one of the primaries.

Votes matter once every couple years. Dollars matter everyday.

The horrid truth, people.

The plan is a good move on Sander’s part. He can have the whole BLM crew shutup and feel they accomplished something whilst he gives his populist message to the rest of America and secures their votes and funding as well.

Politicians don’t respond to crying, complaints, and critical articles. They respond to cash. Period. Sanders himself implied we’re an oligarchy. Bernie Sanders needs campaign money. And no matter how promising a leader seems, they all have to get funding from somewhere.

I hate to say it, but I can’t even say these are passion events anymore. They seem like pleading for attention. Sanders was an easy target in terms of repercussions and they went with it. The people who did it got interviews from media outlets and guest articles on various alternative news sites. If it was passion… then bless those womens’ hearts, but this is exactly the hyper-emotional, irrational, and unreasonable sentiment that the movement doesn’t need.

When you snatch the mic from this jackass, you’d have my respect.

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  1. Great post! Very valid points!


  2. Right now, from what I’m reading on Twitter, the primary defense for the BLM activists places the entire onus on both the politicians themselves to make changes as well as the rally crowd (who responded with boos) for their benefit from the racially-abusive power structure in Seattle. Tactics and optics, from the perspective of BLM defenses, do not and have not protected from gunfire, racial abuse, or discrimination, so tactics and optics (a.k.a. “respectability politics”) be damned. The “state of emergency” is in place, as far as this perspective is concerned.

    Reading Elon James White of TWIB, Imani Gandy from RH Reality Check and Mia McKenzie of Black Girl Dangerous over the last few weeks during the uproar from Seattle and Netroots Nation gave me that counter-perspective, and Bernie supporters who repeatedly cite his history with the 1960s or respectability politics in their mentions end up getting chewed out and blocked. It’s interesting.


  3. Latti Ice

     /  August 15, 2015

    You had some valid points until you went to Darren Wilson supporters as an example of passive dissent though you had some of his supporters physically clashing with supporters of Mike Brown. (Them being the aggressor) Your post, though trying to be meaningful and instructive hits to the core of the issue. For centuries Black Americans have done the passive dissenter within campaigns, debates, on Fox news, etc and it has gotten Black people no where. Instead of worrying about what White people or other groups of people (who have had many of their organizations act ten times worse than this and got what they wanted) think, you should be worried about how easily Black justified anger can be spun. Again, look at how you used Darren Wilson supporters as an example, though in reality that wasn’t the case.

    Going to Malcolm and Martin now; even Martin regretted his approach and understood why the Black youth eventually became angry with him and started The Black Power Movement. Candidates like Bernie, White Progressives have never done crap for the Black community and improvements were made not by passive dissent, but aggressive or having the mixture of the two. Just like the Civil War didn’t end due to pacifists and Black Abolitionist. The avid aggressors are what made things happened quicker. Sadly due to history being taught incorrectly, many do not know this. You don’t meekly and politely ask for freedom. You take it.

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  4. Latti Ice

     /  August 15, 2015

    Also I hate when Black people allow themselves to get played. http://wtkr.com/2015/04/30/community-activist-says-young-people-are-planning-rallies-in-portsmouth/ Michael Muhammad (another leader of BLM) just survived an assassination attempt. We will see how the rest of this develops while some people worry about two woman interrupting Bernie’s speech and making BLM look bad while Black people are being killed.

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